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Non-Surgical Gluteus Lift

Get ready for summer! Improve the appearance of your gluteus and regain the appearance it once had. 

Gluteus lifting treatment is a completely non-invasive and virtually painless treatment alternative to gluteus lifting surgery reducing every risk and discomfort that every surgery brings.

AZ-Shape Pluss will enhance, reshape and tighten your bottom line contouring your gluteus and achieving to focus specifically on gluteal muscles of the buttocks, including the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. To counter the effects age, lack of exercise, and sitting for long periods of time, AZ-Sahpe Plus gluteus lifting treatment combines deep sucction massage with negative pressure to reduce cellulite and lift your glutes helped by electroestimulation giving espectacular noticeable results from the first session.

This non surgical treatment is done by a special type of stimulation that generates muscular strengthening while also modeling the corporal contour. Making it look Lifted and More Rounded with no downtime. 

Gluteus lifting treatment is designed to work the flaccidity on the gluteus muscle; This treatment is performed by AZ-SHAPE PLUS device witch includes the dermotherapy feature, working with a fixed cup system using a regulated and controlled pulse creating micro cavities.